6th Workshop on the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the IMS

  Vienna, Austria
  12 Nov 2018 - 16 Nov 2018

The Workshop will:

-Facilitate interaction between Station Operators and also with the PTS through participation in focused group discussions;

-Highlight major achievements in the Operation and Maintenance of IMS stations while focusing on the necessary steps to be taken to ensure their long term sustainment;

-Focus on the way forward to enhance IMS station data availability, quality and its authentication; and

-Update Station Operators on tools available for monitoring and assessing IMS network performance.

Infrasound Technology Workshop 2018 (ITW2018)

  Vienna, Austria
  05 Nov 2018 - 09 Nov 2018

The purpose of the Infrasound Technology Workshop 2018 is to create an international forum for presenting and discussing recent advancements in infrasound research and operational capabilities of global and regional networks.

Expert Meeting on Special Studies in RN and ATM Methods

  Vienna, VIC
  11 Oct 2018 - 12 Oct 2018

Special Studies provide in-depth, technical reviews by expert analysis of data from the International Monitoring System (IMS) to improve the estimated values for the standard signal and event parameters resulting in an Updated Radionuclide Report (URR).

The purpose of the expert technical analysis of IMS data and other relevant data provided by the requesting State Party is to assist the State Party concerned to identify the source of specific events. The output is the State Requested Methods Report (SRMR).

URR and SRMR need to be seen in the context of the standard products they are building on, specifically the Standard Screened Radionuclide Event Bulletin (SSREB). Beyond its current implementation it may contain among others the use of atmospheric transport modelling results to combine field of regard information from all radionuclide samples sharing a possible common source region related to a single event. If available, information derived from isotopic ratios is included and may be used to confine the field of regard.

The objectives of this technical expert meeting are:

  • Review methods that may be suited for Special Studies and ETA;
  • Discuss the possible content of the URR and SRMR);
  • Explore the potential use of various non-IMS data for SRMR;
  • Advance common understanding of methods to be developed for the SSREB, URR, SRMR and NDC responsibilities.

    Meeting participants are welcome to contribute to the technical meeting by making a 15 minute presentation related to one of the Agenda topics.

    Expert meeting on Advances in Waveform Processing and Special Studies

      Vienna, VIC
      08 Oct 2018 - 10 Oct 2018

    The PTS is actively pursuing initiatives to improve the performance of the IDC waveform automatic processing pipeline. Some active research and development areas are :

  • Further development of an integrated waveform quality control module and its application in all stages of the automatic processing pipeline;
  • Evaluating new methods that can improve the pipeline performance in processing aftershock sequences and recurring events;
  • Evaluating and integrating new detectors and associators into the IDC processing pipeline;
  • Tuning components of IDC pipeline processing in order to optimize their performance;
  • Advances in event screening.
  • The PTS is initiating procedures for issuing the Updated Event Bulletin (UEB) as part of Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis. The status of this work will be reviewed. A prototype tool will be discussed with a view of eliciting expert input on algorithms and methodologies to incorporate.

    The objective of this technical expert meeting is twofold:

  • The first two days of the meeting will be dedicated to exploring advances to waveform processing that may improve the IDC waveform pipeline processing, including tools and methodologies for testing and validation;
  • The third day of the meeting will be dedicated to discussing waveform Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis - methods, use of data and content of UEB.

    Meeting participants are welcome to contribute to the technical meeting by making a 15 minute presentation related to one of the topics above.