NDC Capacity Building Workshop and Regional Seismic Travel Time (RSTT) in combination with Data Sharing and Integration Training (Asia)

  Chiang Mai, Thailand
  28 Oct 2019 - 01 Nov 2019

The objectives for the NDC Capacity Building Workshop are:
• to strengthen participants’ knowledge of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the work of the Preparatory Commission;
• to further build up the national and regional capacities in implementing the Treaty and participating in the verification regime, as well as to promote the civil and scientific application of verification technologies, in particular to promote the importance of Ground-Truth (GT) event locations in defining regional seismic velocity structures and models;
• to share data and to develop the Regional Seismic Travel Time Model (RSTT) in Asia through the acquisition of GT seismic locations.

The additional objectives for the Data Sharing and Integration Training:
• to understand and learn how RSTT can help regional networks achieve more precise event locations;
• to learn how RSTT can be interfaced with current locators used in daily earthquake location procedures;
• to recognize the importance of obtaining better regional locations for future tomographic studies;
• to stimulate regional cooperation in data exchange through the NDCs and/or regional network operators.

2nd Expert Meeting on Special Studies and ETA with RN and ATM Methods

  Vienna, VIC
  03 Oct 2019 - 04 Oct 2019

Special Studies provide in-depth, technical reviews by expert analysis of data from the International Monitoring System (IMS) to improve the estimated values for the standard signal and event parameters resulting in an Updated Radionuclide Report (URR).

The purpose of the Expert Technical Analysis (ETA) of IMS data and other relevant data provided by the requesting State Party is to assist the State Party concerned to identify the source of specific events. The output is the State Requested Methods Report (SRMR).

URR and SRMR need to be seen in the context of the standard products they are building on, specifically the Standard Screened Radionuclide Event Bulletin (SSREB). Beyond its current implementation it may contain among others the use of atmospheric transport modelling results to combine field of regard information from all radionuclide samples sharing a possible common source region related to a single event. If available, information derived from isotopic ratios is included and may be used to confine the field of regard.

The objectives of this technical expert meeting are:

  • Review methods that may be suited for Special Studies and ETA;
  • Discuss the possible content of the URR and SRMR;
  • Explore the potential use of various non-IMS data for SRMR;
  • Advance common understanding of methods to be developed for the SSREB, URR, SRMR and NDC responsibilities.

    Meeting participants are welcome to contribute to the technical meeting by making a 15 minute presentation related to one of the Agenda topics.

    Expert meeting on Advances in Waveform Processing and Special Studies

      Vienna, VIC
      30 Sep 2019 - 02 Oct 2019

    The PTS is actively pursuing initiatives to improve the performance of the IDC waveform automatic processing pipeline. Some active research and development areas are :

  • Further development of an integrated waveform quality control module and its application in all stages of the automatic processing pipeline;
  • Evaluating new methods that can improve the pipeline performance in processing aftershock sequences and recurring events;
  • Evaluating and integrating new detectors and associators into the IDC processing pipeline;
  • Tuning components of IDC pipeline processing in order to optimize their performance;
  • Advances in event screening;
  • Evaluating global seismic and/or hydro-acoustic three-dimensional travel time models and optimizing location capabilities.
  • The PTS is initiating procedures for issuing the Updated Event Bulletin (UEB) and a State Requested Method Report (SRMR) as part of Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis. The status of this work will be reviewed. A first release of the tool will be discussed with a view of eliciting expert input on algorithms and methodologies to incorporate.

    The objective of this technical expert meeting is twofold:

  • The first two days of the meeting will be dedicated to exploring advances to waveform processing that may improve the IDC waveform pipeline processing, including tools and methodologies for testing and validation;
  • The third day of the meeting will be dedicated to discussing waveform Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis - methods, use of data and content of UEB and SRMR.

    Meeting participants are welcome to contribute to the technical meeting by making a 15 minute presentation related to one of the topics above.

    East Asia Regional National Data Center Workshop

      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      09 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019

    The objectives of the East Asia Regional National Data Center Workshop are:

  • To strengthen the knowledge of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the work of the Preparatory Commission;
  • To further build-up the capacity of the CTBT State Signatories to participate in the implementation of the verification regime and assess how participants are making use of IMS data and IDC products;
  • To encourage National Data Centres within the region to undertake a joint exercise for the analysis of waveform and radionuclide data and compare their results.
  • To promote the exchange of experience and expertise among the NDCs.

    NDC Intermediate Level Infrasound Data Analysis Training

      Bucharest , Romania
      15 Jul 2019 - 19 Jul 2019

    The objectives of this NDC training are:

  • To improve the knowledge on how infrasound data can help in the verification regime and civil and scientific application;
  • To refine user skills of infrasound tools available in the NDC in a Box (NiaB) package with processing data from IMS infrasound arrays and other waveform technologies;
  • To learn how to use additional tools in NiaB that help enhance analysis of waveform arrays;
  • To stimulate cooperation in infrasound data analysis between NDCs;
  • To promote the exchange of experience and expertise in Infrasound technology among the NDCs.

    International Hydroacoustics Workshop 2019

      Vienna, VIC
      08 Jul 2019 - 11 Jul 2019

    The objectives of IHW2019 is to support the CTBTO verification regime by creating a forum for scientific knowledge exchange on three main topics:

    • Technological advancements in marine engineering pertinent to the sustainability and improvement of the hydroacoustic component of CTBT’s International Monitoring System (IMS),
    • Data analysis and signal processing methods for CTBT verification purposes, and
    • 3-D modelling for long-range hydroacoustic signal propagation.

    Technical meeting on SHI software engineering at the IDC

      Vienna, VIC
      01 Jul 2019 - 02 Jul 2019

    The second phase of the IDC Reengineering program, completed in April 2017, focused on significant enhancements to individual components of the SHI automatic and interactive processing as well as data and product dissemination and software quality assurance.

    In January 2018 the IDC initiated, in parallel with the second phase, the scoping and resource estimations for the third phase of its Reengineering program that considers the software development, testing and roll-out of SHI applications. It aims at producing, by the last quarter of 2023, the software based on an upgraded, modern architecture and software framework for SHI applications.

    Reengineering Phase 3 (RP3) follows system design techniques based on UML (Unified Modelling Language) and RUP (Rational Unified Process). Technical meetings are periodically held to provide a forum for experts from Member States to review and give feedback on RP3 deliverables.

    This technical meeting marks the beginning of Phase 3 of IDC Reengineering and will focus on:

  • Reviewing current status of the construction phase, including project plan, projected milestones and updated deliverables;
  • Presenting the results of preparations for phase 3 of reengineering within the IDC, with a focus on improving agility and improving technical readiness levels of enhanced algorithms and approaches;
  • Discussing technical and scientific issues arising from evaluation, integration and deployment of RP3 deliverables.

    Meeting participants are invited to contribute to the technical meeting by making a 15 minutes presentation related to one of the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Reengineering Project Status
  • Theme 2: Agile Software Development Processes
  • Theme 3: Technical and Scientific Issues

    CTBT Science and Technology 2019 Conference

      Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
      24 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019

    The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) relies on innovation to enhance the capabilities of the Treaty’s verification regime as well as to help move the Treaty closer to universalization and entry into force. As the seventh event in the CTBT: Science and Technology conference series, SnT2019 will bring together around 1000 scientists, technologists, academics, students, CTBTO policy makers, members of the media and representatives of organizations involved in research and development that is relevant to all aspects of Treaty verification.

    More details are provided at www.ctbto.org/SnT2019.


    • To broaden and strengthen the engagement of the scientific communities working in test ban monitoring, including young scientists, and to enhance the geographic and gender representations of these communities
    • To support the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the CTBTO and the broader scientific community
    • To identify opportunities and possible solutions to continuously improve nuclear test monitoring and verification
    • To identify how scientific developments and cooperation can support national needs and frame policy objectives in support of the CTBT
    • To promote the wider civil and scientific applications of techniques and data used for test ban verification

    Technical Meeting on the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan

      Vienna, VIC
      20 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019

    The objective is to continue the process of completing the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan. The focus for this particular meeting will be on reviewing the changes made since the September 2018 meeting and to continue improving the test content. Progress in this regard will be presented at WGB 52.

    NDC Workshop on IDC Progressive Commissioning Plan

      Vienna, VIC
      19 Jun 2019 - 20 Jun 2019

    The Workshop will provide NDCs an opportunity to get involved in activities related to the IDC Progressive Commissioning Plan. The focus will be on the NDCs roles and responsibilities in the IDC Progressive Commissioning as specified in the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan as well as their participation in the IDC Experiments.

    Workshop for Radionuclide Laboratories 2019

      Vienna, VIC
      17 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019

    The primary objectives for the workshop are to:

    • Discuss and address developments and issues pertaining to laboratory operations;
    • Review and plan Proficiency Test Exercises (PTEs) for particulate samples and noble gas (NG) intercomparison exercises, certification, surveillance assessment and measurements;
    • Discuss the revision of document CTBT/PTS/INF.96/Rev.9;
    • Share operational experiences and lessons learned towards quality improvement;
    • Discuss advances in gamma spectrometry and noble gas measurements.