WebEx Platform, VIC
  13 Apr 2021 - 14 Apr 2021

    The role of the Alpha Testers Group (ATG) is to validate the results of the system, provide feedbacks on the system design and usability. NDCs involved in Alpha Testing activities are expected to make time available for the ATG Members to perform the related activities. It is estimated that each ATG member will need to devote around 20 days of work in 2021 to ATG activities.


    • Present the scope of the testing session;
    • Provide the current status of development;
    • Guide the testers on the discovery of the newly developed features; and
    • Get ATG members able to run testing scripts and adapt them to different test cases

    Participants Profile:

    • NDC technical staff/authorized users (preferably Principal User or Regular User);
    • Experienced in waveform processing and knowledgeable about the current IDC SHI processing;
    • Experience in waveform technology and/or similar experience related to nuclear test ban verification technologies;
    • Experienced in software programming or scripting, ideally using Python; and
    • Linux background and some experience working with APIs are desirable.

Further details:

Language: English
Application Deadline: 19 Mar 2021 00:00 GMT
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