ONLINE IDC SHI Reengineering Alpha Tester Group (ATG) Technical Meetings

  Videoconferencing, VIC
  30 Jun 2022 - 01 Jul 2022

The PTS is leading the IDC SHI Reengineering project since 2014 with the goal of creating modernized, open-source software for SHI processing, and improving maintainability and extensibility to the system. Starting 2019, the project entered the implementation phase and is currently under active development. The aim of this Alpha Tester Group (ATG) is to enhance the engagement of the NDC community towards the IDC Reengineering project. It allows low-barrier access for State Signatories and NDCs to the current state of the reengineered system. The role of the ATG participants is to validate the results of the system, provide feedback to the system design and usability. Following ATG 2021, we are launching a new call for participation for 2022 and 2023 ATG activities.

The objectives of the Technical Meetings prior to a testing session are to:

Participants Profile:

The ATG project is funded by the European Union in the context of the EU Council Decision (CFSP) 2020/901 of 29 June 2020.

ONLINE Technical Meeting on SHI Software Engineering at the IDC

  Videoconferencing, VIC
  06 Jul 2022 - 07 Jul 2022


The PTS is currently in Phase 3 of the IDC Reengineering program, which includes a large-scale effort to improve the SHI processing system. The PTS will modernize the software infrastructure to make the system easier to maintain, and easier to upgrade.  Pipeline processes, algorithms, and analyst interfaces will also be updated.  Technical meetings are held periodically to provide a forum for experts from States Signatories to review and give feedback on Reengineering Phase 3 (RP3) progress and plans.

This 2022 technical meeting will focus on: 

Participants Profile:  

Experts responsible for software development for waveform monitoring at National Data Centres.
Experts involved in software development for environmental monitoring applications, particularly in waveform methods, including signal processing, user interfaces, and database systems. 
Participants should have in-depth knowledge of at least one aspect of SHI data processing at the IDC.

NDC Capacity Building Workshop and Regional Seismic Travel Time (RSTT) in combination with Data Sharing and Integration Training for the Middle East and South Asia (MESA) region

  Muscat, Oman
  04 Sep 2022 - 08 Sep 2022

This is the re-announcing of the NDC Capacity Building Workshop and RSTT 2020 postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Applicants who had applied for this Workshop/RSTT 2020 are kindly asked to register again.


The objectives for the NDC Capacity Building Workshop are:

The additional objectives for the RSTT and Data Sharing and Integration Training are here.

Participants Profile:

Applicants should be involved in the use of IMS Data and Products, in particular NDC analysts, scientific staff from seismological observatories, and/or tsunami warning centres or researchers from academic institutions with seismological background and experience The Workshop aims at having a broad representation from the MESA region.

Technical requirements

It is highly recommended that the participants bring their own laptops, with at least 20 GB free hard disk space and 4 GB (preferably 8 GB) of RAM to enable the use of the Virtual Machine and other software that will be provided by the Commission to efficiently perform the activities related to the Workshop.

International Hydroacoustics Workshop 2022

  Vienna, VIC
  05 Sep 2022 - 07 Sep 2022


The objectives of the workshop are to support the CTBTO verification regime by creating a forum for scientific knowledge exchange on three main topics:

Participants Profile:

The workshop is aimed towards all scientists, engineers and other persons involved in hydroacoustics, ocean observatories, acoustic sensor technologies, cabled and autonomous underwater systems and related fields.

Please be informed that the Provisional Technical Secretariat solicits presentations and posters from participants on the topics of the Workshop.

NDC Workshop 2022

  Toledo, Spain
  03 Oct 2022 - 07 Oct 2022

This is the re-announcement of the “NDC Workshop 2020”  postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.


The 2022 NDC Workshop is being organized by the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization in cooperation with the Government of the Kingdom of Spain.


The workshop will focus on the ability of National Data Centres (NDCs) to carry out their verification activities, including access to IMS data and IDC products and SHI and RN data sharing among NDCs. The objectives of the workshop are:


  1. Provide a forum for NDC experts to share their experience in fulfilling their verification responsibilities;
  2. Provide NDC feedback to the PTS on all aspects of the data, products, services and support NDCs in their work; under this objective, particular emphasis will be put on
    • NDC contributions to Performance Monitoring and Testing (through NPEs* and other means);
    • Discussions on NDC involvement in the IDC Progressive Commissioning Plan.
    • Discussion of recent and ongoing IDC projects.
  3. Review of NDC recommendations;
  4. The progress results of the NPE19 will be presented and discussed, including analysis of the NPE19 event using IMS Data and other data obtained by national means. The scenario of the next NPE will also be drafted at this workshop;
  5. Contributions on the interaction between NDCs and research and development-related topics will also be considered.


*NPE- NDC Preparedness Exercise

7th Workshop on the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the IMS

  Vienna, Austria
  28 Nov 2022 - 02 Dec 2022


The workshop will:

Participants Profile:

Station Operators, local operators, NDC staff, contractors and equipment suppliers involved in the operation and maintenance of the IMS.