Training Course on NDC Capacity Building: Access and Analysis of Waveform IMS Data and IDC Products

  Vienna, VIC
  05 Jun 2023 - 16 Jun 2023


Participants Profile:

Hybrid Technical Meeting on the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan

  Vienna, Austria
  14 Jun 2023 - 16 Jun 2023

The objective of this technical meeting is to continue the process of completing the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan (VATP). The focus for this particular meeting will be to;

  1. Discuss the draft VATP.
  2. Review the results of the Experiment that took place in February 2023
  3. Review the grouping of the validation tests for the next Experiments
  4. Discuss the next Experiments to take place

Technical Meeting on SHI Software Engineering at the IDC

  Vienna, VIC
  26 Jun 2023 - 27 Jun 2023


This meeting allows state signatories to learn about software development efforts at the IDC. Several efforts are ongoing to improve the software in use at the IDC, and NDC software shared with state signatories via NDC-in-a-Box. The PTS is currently in Phase 3 of the IDC SHI Reengineering program, which includes a large-scale effort to improve the SHI processing system, SOH, and the Analyst Interface. The PTS will modernize the software infrastructure to make the system easier to maintain, and easier to upgrade.  The goal is a modern, maintainable, flexible, pipeline processing system. Progress is ongoing, and many states have participated in the Alpha Testers Group for Reengineering.  In addition, many other software development efforts are also ongoing to improve IDC product distribution, NIAB, routine data processing, and processing for Expert Technical Analysis.  This meeting allows experts to discuss such software updates in depth, and give review and feedback.

Participants Profile:  

Experts responsible for software development for waveform monitoring at National Data Centres.
Experts involved in software development for environmental monitoring applications, particularly in waveform methods, including signal processing, user interfaces, and database systems. 
Participants should have in-depth knowledge of at least one aspect of SHI data processing at the IDC.

Training Course on NDC Capacity Building: Advanced Training Course on Radionuclide Particulates Data Analysis

  Vienna, VIC
  03 Jul 2023 - 14 Jul 2023

Participants Profile:

IDC SHI Reengineering Alpha Tester Group (ATG) Technical Meeting

  Vienna, VIC
  04 Sep 2023 - 05 Sep 2023

The PTS is leading the IDC SHI Reengineering project since 2014 with the goal of creating modernized, open-source software for SHI processing, and improving maintainability and extensibility to the system. Starting 2019, the project entered the Implementation phase and is currently under active development.

The aim of this Alpha Tester Group (ATG) is to enhance the engagement of the NDC community towards the IDC Reengineering project. It allows low-barrier access for State Signatories and NDCs to the current state of the reengineered system.

The role of the ATG participants is to validate the results of the system and provide feedback to the system design and usability.

Current ATG activities are planned for biennial 2022-2023. Participants already selected in 2022 for this biennial do not need to reapply. New candidates will be accepted to fill open positions in 2023.

The objectives of the Technical Meetings prior to a testing session are to:

The ATG project is funded by the European Union in the context of the EU Council Decision (CFSP) 2020/901 of 29 June 2020.

East Asia Regional National Data Center Workshop

  Bali, Indonesia
  18 Sep 2023 - 22 Sep 2023

The objectives are:

to promote the exchange of experience and expertise among the NDCs.

Participants Profile

Invited States should nominate participant(s) who are involved in the use of IMS Data and IDC Products (waveform and radionuclide).

Preference would be given to NDC operators and NDC’s customers.


This Workshop is dedicated to the following countries:

Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, the United States of America, and Viet Nam

Technical Meeting on Legacy Data from Nuclear Tests

  Vienna, VIC
  27 Sep 2023 - 29 Sep 2023


In this workshop, researchers will discuss ongoing efforts to preserve recordings and metadata from historical nuclear tests and discuss how these data can be used to improve nuclear explosion monitoring.

Participants Profile:

Experts involved in recovering historical geophysics or radionuclide recordings and experts in the analysis of seismic data for nuclear explosion monitoring.

Please be informed that the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) solicits presentations and posters from participants on the topics of the Workshop for travel funding applications. Financial support will be considered only for those who have submitted an abstract that will be accepted.

Expert Meetings on SS and ETA with Waveform Methods and RN and ATM Methods

  Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  16 Oct 2023 - 20 Oct 2023

Objectives for both Expert Meetings are: 

  • Refine the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for executing SS and ETA, and their associated templates, documents, and its list of (scientific) methods;
  • Discuss advances and introduce new approaches to scientific methods (for the respective technologies) which would be used during ETAs;
  • Provide an update on IDC preparations to be ready to execute SS and ETA;
  • Discuss the possible content of the reports, e.g., UEB/URR and SRMR reports;
  • Explore the possible use of various non-IMS data for SRMR;
  • Discuss Data Fusion options between RN and SHI events;
  • Advance the common understanding of the defined procedures.

    Participants Profile:

    • Experts from NDCs and research establishments involved in testing, applying, and developing waveform, radionuclide, or ATM methods that may be suitable for inclusion into the IDC automatic processing pipelines or may be applicable to Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis.

    NDC Capacity Building: Waveform Training Course using SeisComP

      Vienna, VIC
      16 Oct 2023 - 20 Oct 2023


    To strengthen the capacity of the States Signatories’ participation in the verification regime and to enhance their use of PTS data and products for civil and scientific applications using SeisComP.

    Participants Profile:

    • The training is only open to CTBT States Signatories, in particular those participating in the Capacity Building Program;
    • Technical staff/authorized users involved or to be involved in the use of IMS data and IDC products;
    • NDC staff are the main target group;
    • Experience in waveform data analysis; and
    • Experience with UNIX/Linux operating system and SQL would also be beneficial.

    NDC Training Course - NDC Waveform Analyst course including Seiscomp

      Vienna, VIC
      06 Nov 2023 - 01 Dec 2023


    • Understanding the roles of National Data Centres in the verification regime;
    • Building and/or improving the National Data Centre capabilities;
    • Providing participants with sufficient knowledge for accessing and using IMS data and IDC products, and
    • Providing practical experience in analyzing IMS data.