ONLINE Technical Meeting on the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan

  23 Jun 2021 - 24 Jun 2021

The objective of this technical meeting is to continue the process of completing the IDC Validation and Acceptance Test Plan (VATP). The focus for this particular meeting will be to:

A summary of the outcome from this meeting will be presented to WGB-57.

Participants Profile:

  • The meeting is aimed towards scientists, engineers and other persons who have technical expertise in one of the four IMS technologies, the functions of the IDC and in performance monitoring and testing. The participants are expected to provide their technical input to the VATP and related activities such as the 2021 Experiment.
  • States Signatories are expected to nominate experts who will provide substantive inputs to these topics for discussion.

ONLINE Technical Meeting on SHI Software Engineering at the IDC

  Vienna, Austria
  05 Jul 2021 - 06 Jul 2021

The PTS is currently in Phase 3 of the IDC Reengineering programme, which includes a large-scale effort to improve the SHI processing system. The PTS will modernize the software infrastructure to make the system easier to maintain, and easier to upgrade. Pipeline processes, algorithms, and analyst interfaces will also be updated. Technical meetings are held periodically to provide a forum for experts from States Signatories to review and give feedback on Reengineering Phase 3 (RP3) progress and plans. This 2021 technical meeting will focus on: • Reviewing the current status of work, including progress updates, and discussion of the project plan, projected milestones, and updated deliverables. • Presenting the results of work done within the PTS on setting up the testing environment for the software system, and the development of integration plans for additional modules such as PMCC. • Discussing technical and scientific issues arising from evaluation, integration and deployment of RP3 deliverables. Meeting participants are invited to contribute to the technical meeting by making a 15 minute presentation related to one of the following themes: Theme 1: Reengineering Project Status Theme 2: Products of consideration for the PTS Theme 3: Technical and Scientific Issues

Online Training Course on NDC Capacity Building: Access and Analysis of Waveform IMS Data and IDC Products

  WebEx platform, VIC
  05 Jul 2021 - 09 Jul 2021


  • Understanding the roles of National Data Centres in the verification regime;
  • Building and/or improving the National Data Centre capabilities;
  • Providing participants with sufficient knowledge for accessing and using IMS data and IDC products; and
  • Providing practical experience in analyzing IMS data.

Participants Profile:

  • NDC technical staff/authorized users (preferably Principal User or Regular User);
  • Experience in waveform data analysis and/or similar experience related to nuclear test ban verification;
  • Seismologists with an advanced degree who operate or have access to regional and local seismic network data and the means of processing that data to provide accurate phase pick information;
  • Linux background and some SQL experience are desirable;
  • Passing the NDC e-Learning course is a prerequisite.

ONLINE Technical Training for Station Operators of Manual Radionuclide Stations

  06 Sep 2021 - 08 Sep 2021


To provide station operators with knowledge and technical understanding on the operations, maintenance and management of a manual radionuclide station and, more specifically, to provide online training for the various operational and maintenance procedures. Upon completion of the course the trainees will be able to efficiently perform essential tasks including station operation, reporting, configuration management, software configuration, incident troubleshooting and resolution, detector calibration, preventive and corrective maintenance of station equipment.


  • Overview of Operation and Maintenance Activities - Configuration Management and Documentation;
  • RN Station Layout and Components;
  • Daily Station Operations and Air Sampler System;
  • Gamma Detection System and New Detector Installation and Calibration;
  • Radionuclide Station Software (RSSI) Configuration and Usage.