Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

G.A. Fernandez1 , J. Ryan2

1Observatorio San Calixto, La Paz, Bolivia
2Arizona University, AZ, USA


The seismic ground truth (GT) procedure proposed by Bondar et al. was applied at the San Calixto Observatory not only to improve seismic location, but also the velocity model and focal mechanism bulletins were improved. Furthermore, the deployment of temporary seismic stations in our country has allowed us to have a better azimuthal coverage for seismic events. Taking advantage of IMS station LPAZ deployed in the west and SIV installed in the east plus the La Paz short period seismic network have let us perform the inversion procedure of Kissling (1994) to get a new velocity model. This allowed us to have new focal mechanism solutions. Inside all the processes the seismic GT procedure has given us a quality control tool to enhance the daily routine and the future seismic installation to fill the gap. We have improved the seismic locations of at least 35 shallow seismic events which have been felt in principal cities, inside the list there are some events that can be candidates to be GT-5 events.