Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

G. Zasimov1 , Y. Kraev2 , M. Chernov2

1FSUE Research Institution of Pulse Technique (RIPT), Moscow, Russian Federation
2FSUE All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA), Moscow, Russian Federation


FSUE "VNIIA" is the leading organization of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" regarding the aspects of the implementation of the CTBT. It currently carries out activities in the following directions: - Repair and modernization of technical equipment at International Monitoring System (IMS) stations located on the territory of the Russian Federation; - Scientific and methodological support of on-site inspection; - Identification of questionable events that might indicate a possible non-compliance with the CTBT. Some results will be discussed: - Upgrading of software for training systems with regard to methods and procedures for on-site inspection (OSI), making use of technologies such as the geographic information system ArcGIS, the WEB management system CartoPac, and interfacing with the CTBTO PrepCom information management systems FIMS and IIMS; - Studies of the trend in the concentration of Xe isotopes measured at IMS stations; - Development and installation of new equipment for monitoring Xe isotopes at the RN58 IMS station ; - Estimating corrections of yields for North Korea tests was made by the method developed at VNIIA to calculate the average magnitude using station’s corrections for underground nuclear explosion (UNE).