Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

S. Sharma1

1Chino Corporation, Tokyo, Japan


The chief objective of this essay is to raise awareness towards the Treaty’s rapid entry into force in the group of lawmakers or members of the parliament(s) at the national level. Just by knowing the full form of the CTBT does not make any sense. The vision of CTBT is too deep as well as highly important and it must be resonate in hearts. In this capacity, political leaders can extend the primary objective of CTBTO among the citizens/public. To achieve this goal, we need to address the importance of the CTBT and its entry into force to the people’s representatives of the respective country as they are the responsible for the national policy making and when they will address their local constituencies about the CTBT and its significance from viewpoints of the global peace and security then our efforts would be multiplied in due course of the time. In order for spreading public awareness, political awareness must be enhanced. In this direction, in the leadership of Executive Secretary of the CTBTO along with the youth member/s of the respective country can represent at the respective national parliament to widen the horizon of the CTBT in hearts of people worldwide.