Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

B. Gautam1

1Georgetown University Law School, Washington, DC, USA


How can the CTBT gain public awareness within the information-flooded global media? By tapping into preexisting religious, medical and nonproliferation networks, young CTBT advocates can reach a larger audience without building these networks from scratch. This presentation addresses these communities and proposes steps for coalition-building within each area. First, it examines the religious community’s ties to the issue by examining nuclear condemnation expressed by Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist faiths and their religious basis to support the CTBT. By engaging in dialogue with religious leaders and urging them to publicly support the treaty, we can increase exposure through religious networks. Second, it examines the medical community’s connection to the issues of radiation and cancer fallout. Young CTBT activists should engage with local medical schools to highlight public support for a test ban within this community to increase public awareness. Finally, it examines the nonproliferation network’s role in coalition building by providing recommendations for how to petition preexisting advocacy groups to include the CTBT in their platforms. Specifically, it examines nonproliferation groups with youth outreach (Global Zero student chapters, ICAN Youth Academy, etc.) and explores ways CTBTO Youth Group can connect with these young advocates to share resources and engage in cross-promotion.