Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

V. Gholami1

1Geopersian Company


A hybrid method, combining analytical Modal Summation (MS), numerical Finite Difference (FD) and Green’s Function (GF) to generate synthetic signals is developed. In this procedure we try to synthetically generate a small magnitude event using the previously known hybrid technique of MS and FD as Green’s function to simulate and scale the target event through the GF method. This modelling procedure is suggested since the simulation of small events is more reliable with numerical and analytical methods, and it could be more useful while scaling to the desired magnitude with the GF method because of extended fault evaluation. This is tested using an aftershock recorded following the Bam earthquake. The result of synthetic signals using this method and observed records of Bam are compared both in the time and frequency domains, and shows good agreement. They show a more precise simulation compare with other methods tested during the study.