Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

G. Chafwa1

1Geological Survey Department, Lusaka, Zambia


In April, 2016, CTBTO came to Zambia to configure and install the Capacity Building System at our National Data centre (NDC) office. The National Data Centre was commissioned in February 2006, inZambian. With this new Capacity Building system that comes with some analysis programs, it has made our work much easier in analysis, getting data from other surrounding Countries and come up with a precise location of the earthquake. The Importance of setting up the national Data Centre is to enable us to constantly monitor, manage and coordinate both natural and man-made seismic activities in the country and around the globe. Also, uploading data to the international Data Centre (NDC), as well as receiving by using international Monitoring System (IMS) data and also IDC products for the treaty verification. We access and analyze seismic waveforms, relevant to the International Data Centre and also make the data available to its stakeholder institutions for earthquake disaster mitigation and reporting on all aspects of disaster related to government agencies. NDC staff makes recommendations to the government of Zambia on earthquake safety measures to provide information to assist government institutions on appropriate land and building policies and submit data to its agencies.