Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

Y. Karyagin1 , O. Liashchuk1

1Main Centre of Special Monitoring (NDC of Ukraine), State Space Agency of Ukraine, Gorodok, Ukraine


To date, the Main Center of Special Monitoring (MCSM) is the only structure in Ukraine which is able to perform the tasks of nuclear test control, and this is a priority in the activities of the center. On the basis of MCSM the National Data Centre as deployed. The existing distributed system of collection, processing and analysis of information allowed the detection and identification of all known nuclear explosions since 1995. Features of MCSM hardware facilitate the monitoring of events that generate seismic and acoustic activity, magnetic storms, and radiation. To perform the tasks assigned to MCSM, complex methods of observation are used: seismic, infrasound, radionuclide, magnetic and radio. Each detection method is unique and is designed to monitor the situation in a certain geophysical shell of the Earth. The combined use of the detection methods allows effective use of the information for other purposes, such as the monitoring of natural hazards. A seismoacoustic system got special development. Seismic and infrasound devices were installed on the four observation points of MCSM, one of which is located in Antarctica. The data are used to identify explosions and earthquakes, bolide blasts, and to research anomalies in the preparation of earthquake, tsunami warning.