Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

A. Bisallah1 , U.O. Madu1

1Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, Abuja, Nigeria


The apparent low utilization of the CTBT Educational Resources (CER) by members of the academics from the West African region motivated this study. This is focussed on determining the level of awareness of the benefits of the CER among the Academics from the West African Region and what can be done to enhance the use of the CER in the region in order to promote CTBT Education and in understanding its the values and benefits. The results obtained from survey, response to questionnaires distributed to some individuals in the sub-region and Focussed Group Discussion (FGD) during some specific events in the sub-region and personal contacts confirmed that only about 17% of the respondents, drawn mainly form the academic communities, seemed to be aware of the CTBT and its various learning resources. Concentrations of most of those that are aware came mainly from Universities where there is an NDC. This is considered as a huge gap and a major draw-back in the sub-region. To justify the enormous resources committed by the CTBTO in establishing this educational platform, we have developed strategy for increase awareness on the values and benefits of the CTBTO among members of the academia within the region