Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

L. Kolesnykov1 , O. Liashchuk1 , R. Synytsky1

1Main Centre of Special Monitoring (NDC of Ukraine), State Space Agency of Ukraine, Gorodok, Ukraine


The last release of Extended NDC-in-a-box (ENIAB) was installed and optimized for the purposes of UANDC in 2016. As the Virtual Machine (VM) with ENIAB is limited in size a new installation was built from the source code on a separate server. During operational duty and routine data processing, at least 3 persons are using the ENIAB software simultaneously and in this regard the question of remote access to the software has to be addressed. One of the solutions is to deploy software on the cloud platform. Such a private cloud was deployed by Unigeocloud at the UANDC server and it is being operated in test mode at present. Software installed in this environment can be optimized, and data connections can be made, ready for processing. The database and waveform data are located in a separate environment, always available for software access. Such a system allows the use one environment, with a set of software (for training or control of on-duty personnel by experts). The same environment can be cloned for direct interaction. This set up provides flexibility, remote/local installation and tuning, and no need for any specific requirements for workstations used for data processing. With only a web browser and internet connection one can operate and use it from anywhere.