Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

A. Berezina1 , I. Sokolova2

1Institute of Seismology (IS), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2Institute of Geophysical Research, Almaty, Kazakhstan


A three-component seismic station «Ala-Archa» (AAK) was installed in Kyrgyzstan in May, 1983. It is located in specially constructed granite tunnel away from seismic noise sources which has made the station an effective site for monitoring both regional, teleseismic events, and nuclear explosions. In October 1990, a digital broadband network station IRIS / IDA AAK was opened here, which was included in the IMS CTBTO network as an 3-C auxiliary seismic station AS060, certified in 2007. AAK station is located on regional distances from the Asia Nuclear Test Sites (Lop Nor, Semipalatinsk, Chagay and Pokhran). A comparative analysis of the scanned and digitized historical records of underground nuclear explosions conducted at the Lop Nor Test Site in 1983-1996, at the STS in 1983-1989, as well as at the Pokhran and Chagay in 1998 was completed. The wave forms of nuclear explosions were compared with the records of tectonic earthquakes occurring in the areas of test sites and the surrounding territories. The spectral relations of major regional seismic phases both of the nuclear explosions and earthquakes were analyzed. Besides, a comparative analysis of five North Korean nuclear explosions (2006-2016) recorded by the AS60 station was made.