Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

U.A. Kadiri1 , D. Osahon2 , J. Nnambo3

1Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
2University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
3University of Port Harcout, Port Harcout, Nigeria


Four years having passed since the introduction of CTBT issues into academic curricula in the University of Benin, it can be stated that this has stimulated the spread of such an approach to other parts of the South-South region of Nigeria. The South-South states of Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers and Delta have seen a particular rise in the incorporation of CTBT issues into academic curricula. This is a reflection of the dedication of both teaching staff and students cutting across almost all academic disciplines. Results of structured questionnaires administered to more than 3000 respondents in the six states of the region revealed that inherent potential research opportunities using IMS products and overall diversification of knowledge-based academic curricula were central to this success. However, in spite of this progress , incorporation of CTBT issues into curricula in Nigerian higher institutions remains a challenge requiring attention. CTBT-related research in the South-South region has also given rise to specific questions on ease of access to CTBT materials, internet-based tools, and CTBT course accreditation etc. As integration of its activities builds momentum, strategic steps should be taken by relevant authorities within CTBTO to deliberately establish communication channels with Nigeria’s educational authorities for the purpose of CTBT curricula integration.