Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

I. Rybin1 , A. Rogovoi1 , D. Dolgov1

1Ministry of Defence, Moscow, Russian Federation


The methods make it possible to get most credible results of the source parameter determination because they are based on the calculation of probability maximum for recorded signal parameters using a data bank that contains signal and source parameters together with their model theoretical dependence. Theoretical model parameters are optimized on the same principle of maximum credibility of the available data bank. Methods being developed are based on a serial principle: 1. Build up ratio statistics of theoretical and experimental values for each signal parameter using the data bank. 2. Transformation of the statistics obtained to the Gauss normalized distribution. 3. Calculation of correlation matrix that contains correlation factors between statistics by averaging the product for all signals from the data bank. 4. Calculation of D matrix determinant and algebraic complement for each element of correlation matrix. 5. Calculation of probability density of multidimensional random normally distributed value with projections for detected signal with parameters from a specified source. 6. Sequentially, with an enumerative technique, we change parameters of the source and calculate the maximum value of the density possibility.