Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

R.H.M. Al-Abboodi1

1Iraqi National Monitoring Authority, Baghdad, Iraq


The National Data Center (NDC) in Iraq is established at the Iraq National Monitoring Authority to promote nonproliferation. The center is mandated to collect seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound (SHI) and radionuclide data to monitor test explosions. In addition, the Iraqi NDC use data it receives from the International Data Center (IDC) and the International Monitoring System (IMS) to promote nonproliferation objectives and scientific applications, such as earthquake disaster mitigation. Likewise, the Iraqi NDC anticipates to use the data for research related to nuclear security. The Iraqi NDC has participated in many CTBTO workshops and capacity building training courses to strengthen the capabilities of our NDC staff and provide us with CBS system to strengthen our scientific capabilities. The proposed paper will focus on the role and comparison between the NDC IN A BOX and the extended NDC in a box, and the advantages of the new version. This paper will explore NDC-IN a box in the Iraqi NDC context and how the extended NDC in a box package improves the NDCs processing capabilities for SHI data. Our detection of the North Korea test by using all available IMS data is an example of scientific applications related to nonproliferation issues.