Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

X. Wang1 , J. Li2 , J. Shang2 , W. Tang2 , Z. Liu2 , J. Liu2 , B. Zhang2 , H. Qiu2 , G. Zhu2 , J. Wang2 , Y. Wang2 , C. Xu2

1CTBT Beijing National Data Center and Beijing Radionuclide Laboratory, Beijing, China
2CTBT Beijing National Data Center, Beijing, China


The Cloud computing has been used more and more in many data centers due to the computing and storage resources integration and optimization, the fast deployment of services, the enhancement of services availability and the complication reduction of system management. This paper introduces the new version waveform data processing system of CTBT Beijing National Data Center based on the Private Cloud platform, focusing on the virtualization of computing and storage resources, the migration of waveform data processing software and its function enhancement. And also the main function of the operation maintenance and management system (OMMS), which is the assistant tools to monitoring the whole NDC facilities. By the end, we discussed the analysis result of the DPRK event on September 2016 based on the systems as above mentioned.

Session information

Start time: 29/Jun/2017, 09:30 (local time)

Duration: 15 minutes

Location: Hofburg, Rittersaal