Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

V. Dionicio1

1Servicio Geologico Colombiano - SGC


Seismic events that have had a significant impact on the Colombian population (Earthquake-Tsunami Tumaco 1979, M 7.9, Earthquake Maizales 1979 M 7.9, Earthquake Popayán 1983 M 5.5, Nevado del Ruiz Eruption 1985), along with other natural disasters, resulted in the government of Colombia to assign to INGEOMINAS (now SGC) the functions of study and prevention of all types of geological risks in the Colombian territory. In 1987 INGEOMINAS created the project of monitoring seismic activity that includes the National Seismological Network of Colombia and the National Accelerometer Network of Colombia (RSNC and RNAC), which began its activities in June 1993. The RSNC has been operating continuously, 24/7, providing information to disaster prevention agencies and the general public during crises and deploying specialized personnel and portable monitoring equipment for the complete analysis of the seismic source. The RSNC and RNAC have national coverage and have the best and most modern seismic monitoring equipment, with a total of 170 permanent monitoring stations, between acceleration sensors and speed sensors (short period, strong motion and broad band, including ROSC station from the CTBTO), 94 of them with real time transmission to the headquarters in Bogotá.