Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

G.A. Fernandez1 , T. Griffiths1 , M. Nieto1

1Observatorio San Calixto, La Paz, Bolivia


Shallow seismicity at at the western side of Bolivia is not usual, particularly if it was felt at the capital cities and the impact is big enough to stop all activities from two to seven days. Obviously this kind of seismicity is related to geological faults which are plotted but not all of them are described. (By ‘described’ we mean that there is not a moment tensor solution.) On 1st October 2014 and 13th December 2016 there were two shallow seismic events in La Paz and Oruro City. Until now there were not a serious study involving the geologic framework, or the seismic event location determined by our seismic network plus the IMS stations (LPAZ and SIV), or the seismic wave correlation or finally the focal mechanic solution. Once we assemble all data, a classical seismic location was applied using the new 1D velocity model. The correlation was applied to get some family events, FOCMEC software was used to get the focal mechanics solution, and finally a field trip confirmed the focal mechanics solution, upgrading the information about the geological fault.