Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

S. Kuramitsu1

1University of Mount Union, Alliance, OH, USA


CTBTO has been coping with and developing its educational activities and resources from various aspects so that these can contribute to achieve the treaty to enter into force through raising public awareness. Examples of practical education resources are as follows, Knowledge and Training Portal (KTP) whose various courses help users learn about the CTBT specifically, Global Partnership with institutions and universities all over the world, iTunes U page, symposiums and forums. Furthermore, those who have been involved in the CTBT through its education courses and events are not only scientists, experts, diplomats but also students study many fields respectively. Events such as launching its Youth Group involving the next generation have nurtured and encouraged young people who would play an important role in the future. Overall, these various education courses have been providing deep specialization for a large number of people around the world freely. Since the CTBTO has been proactively corresponding to new methods and ideas of education, these are continuously contributing to raise public awareness and to deepen knowledge about the CTBT in order to further its entry into force.