Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

I. Rulev1

1National Data Centre of the Russian Federation, Dubna, Russian Federation


This presentation introduces a thermal insulation and automatic heating system for air sampler «SNOW WHITE» used at IMS radionuclide stations (for example station RN61 (Dubna)). During sustained operation of IMS radionuclide stations in Russia, we have experienced problems with the air sampler «SNOW WHITE» when temperatures drop below -25 Degrees Celsius. Taking the example of RN61, when the temperatures dropped below -25 Degrees Celsius, data from «SNOW WHITE» stopped because the electronic bloc for transmission of data was frozen (for RN61 this is LANTRONIX CoBox -Fl-01); - sampling stopped because bearings were destroyed and the vacuum pump and electrical motor were jammed. This is difficult situation which requires complicated repair of the air sampler at low outdoor temperatures. The system I have designed provides stability in the operation of «SNOW WHITE» for temperatures from -25 Degrees Celsius to -50 Degrees Celsius. The system was successfully tested between December 2016 and February 2017 on the radionuclide station RN61. Results of these tests are available under references PR100013 and CCN124720. The system is cheap but of good quality and ensures that «SNOW WHITE» does not stop when temperatures fall below -25 Degrees Celsius . I offer to install this system on all stations affected by these extreme temperature conditions.