Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

M. Walter1 , R. Häfner2 , M. Joswig3

1Seismic Solutions/Sonicona, Tübingen, Germany
2Sonicona, Germany
3University of Stuttgart, Institute for Geophysics, Stuttgart, Germany


The responsibility for SAMS software development has been switched from the Institute for Geophysics, University of Stuttgart, Germany to the software developing company Sonicona, Tübingen, Germany. In the contractual context Sonicona will develop and implement new features and enhancements to the present SAMS software version. The key features include improvements of the data management and OSI-specific verification requirements: (1) software tool for designing the layout of the SAMS network taking into account topography, access and security concerns, (2) software tool for displaying the state of health of SAMS stations as a part of OSI SAMS software, (3) software tool to show in a graphical form data availability, (4) improved software tool for editing SAMS mini-array meta-data, (5) software tool to record, manage and display results of data processing and analysis in graphical form. The current status of the development of the listed software improvements as well as possible future aspects will be presented and discussed.