Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

D. Kumari1

1University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom


Capacity Building Measures (CBM) and CTBT are interdependent where CTBT serves as a CBM but for CTBT to be successfully implemented CBMs need to be put in place. CBM is one of the four elements of the CTBT's verification regime and CTBT can provide a forum for exchanging information, data and facilitating cooperation and voluntary unilateral moratorium on testing is a key element of formal and informal CBMs and bilateral and/or multilateral CBMs. However, CTBT will need to adapt to the region and include States relevant to strategic chain of conversation even if not in the region. The basic obligation envisaged in Article I can form the basis of confidence building thereby reducing fears and nuclear war by miscalculation. A phrase describing burden of knowledge goes like this-- "I ought never to have taken my lantern to see what was going on. On the other hand, there was no way, once I had picked up the lantern, for me to put it down again." The CTBT reminds us that nuclear tests are steps towards a possible use of nuclear weapons, which is contrary to international humanitarian and customary international law. We have the burden of knowledge and cannot ignore the responsibility knowledge bestows upon us.