Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

O. Ntibinyane1 , M.T. Kwadiba1

1Department of Geological Survey, Lobatse, Botswana


The event in the Okavango Delta region of Botswana was the largest of the year 2016. The shaking was felt and reported by people living in the surrounding areas. Although the tremor was relatively small (3.7 ML Magnitude), the event prompt for study of the Kunyere and Thamalakane faults which together represent a southwestern extension of the East Africa Rift System (Modisi et al., 2000).The focal region was localized using seismographs from the IMS stations located in Southern Africa, supplemented by recordings from the South African National Digital Seismic System. The combined datasets from the different seismic networks provided improved observational and azimuthal coverage, and improved event location, showing the usefulness of data sharing, collaborative problem solving and regional cooperation in promoting preparedness. Moreover, the present work demonstrates the potential of IMS data for civil and scientific applications and its contribution to the global promotion of benefits from the CTBTO.