Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

H. Liu1

1Beijing Language and Culture University, School of International Relations, Beijing, China


For more than ten years, two regular courses entitled “International Security” and “Arms Control & International Security” have been held in the School of International Relations of the Beijing Language and Culture University. The former is for undergraduate students and the latter for graduate students. Following participation by the course organizer in the CTBTO Academic Forum in 2012, CTBT online courses were purposefully integrated into the regular courses. Three major approaches to teaching the CTBT have emerged: (i) a three-week period introducing the background, history, achievements of, and obstacles facing the CTBT, while students are required to read broadly about the CTBT verification regime, mainly using materials from the CTBTO website; (ii) discussion and debate on specific questions in class ; (iii) students are encourage to take part in CTBTO online courses. Through diversified teaching, the CTBT has attracted more and more young students’ attention. Nearly one hundred students, 80% of the total number in the classes, have registered for the CTBTO online courses since this approach was introduced; most of them obtained the final certificates. One student was given the opportunity to attend the CTBTO 2016 course in Vienna. Some students chose CTBT related topics to finish their dissertations and some of them continue to study on CTBT after graduation.