Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

X. Xue1 , Y. Lin1

1E-hualu Research Institute, Beijing, China


The rapid development of the cloud computing and big data processing technology has great potential to improve the data transmission and processing activities in CTBT verification system. The distributed Cloud Data Center, which is based on Openstack platform, with the innovation of open, hardware and software decoupling and software defined network, can realize hardware resource pooling, software architecture distribution and operation automation. It can increase the IT resource utilization and ensure the service continuity. At the same time, based on Convergent Video Conference System, it can support the attendees from different departments and different locations, to share voice, data and video by any type of terminal (conference rooms, tablets, web pages, mobile phones, etc.). The collaboration and management efficiency can be improved significantly. Moreover, the blu-ray based storage system with long-life - 50 years - used in the data centers improves the data reliability greatly. Related technologies and their possible application in the CTBT verification system are discussed in this paper.