Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

M. Aktayev1 , S. Lukashenko2 , O. Lyakhova2 , A. Aidarkhanov2



The present work provides results of determining mechanisms of origin of water objects, including revealing of water exchange between different types of underground waters (fracture and ground waters), and their interrelation with surface waters. It was found that fracture waters (-121.6 ‰ for δ2Н and -16.6 ‰ for δ18О) are formed by means of feeding by local atmospheric precipitation of winter period. Ground waters, (-110.4 ‰ for δ2Н and -14.9 ‰ for δ18О) are fed from both fracture waters, and surface water bodies. The "Atomic" lake is characterized by the heavies isotopes, as related to global line of meteoric water [Craig H., 1961]. Dex values – excessive deuterium content [Dansgaard, 1964] in the lake are negative (-2.4 to -10.6 ‰). This means that fractionation of the water body isotopes is attributed to evaporation process, where 2Н and 18О heavy isotopes are condensing in remaining water. So it was found that the reservoir is not fed from entry of ground waters of any kind. In Shagan river sites (5 km, 28 and 50 km) corresponding to ratio values of stable isotopes of contaminated fracture waters of "Balapan" site (see above) were found and localized.