Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

A. Agrebi1 , R. Al-Dulaimi1 , N. Perfilyev1 , M. Villagran-Herrera1 , W. Allan1 , A. Poplavskiy1

1CTBTO Preparatory Commission, Vienna, Austria


The CTBTO runs a Capacity Building and Training (CBT) Programme focused on providing technical assistance to States Signatories to enable their effective participation in the CTBT verification regime. One of the major Programme components is training NDC analysts to access and use IMS Data and IDC Products. The ultimate goal is to prepare NDCs to act as technical advisors to their respective governments. Over the years, the volume of requests for IMS Data, IDC Products, training courses and tools from NDCs has increased. The PTS continuously responds by (i) improving effectiveness of the training programme and (ii) improving existing and developing new software tools for the NDC-in-a-Box Package. The improved CBT Programme aims to use available time and resources efficiently while promoting interactions among NDC analysts. In addition to focusing on individual analyst’s skills, it will provide opportunities for the trainees to cooperate as an NDC in analysing events of interest using the IMS technologies and the different tools provided by the IDC (i.e. using scenarios of NDC Preparedness Exercises). To achieve this, a training programme incorporating progression from introductory to intermediate to advanced level courses with an opportunity for trainees to move through the levels has been introduced.