Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

W.T. Mesaad1 , W. Olimat1

1Jordan Seismological Observatory, Amman, Jordan


Jordan Seismological Observatory (JSO) began its routine operation in September 1983. JSO is observing seismic events around the hour, doing the analysis, assessment and archiving, preparing seismic maps and seismic hazard maps data exchanging with universal observatories periodically and when needed in order to achieve complete set of data for better results providing seismic data to local authorities, coordinating with local authorities for the aim of minimizing seismic hazards. JSO is participating in studies and programs aiming for public awareness of seismic hazards, identifying active faults and their types issuing monthly and annual bulletins of local and regional seismic events and maintaining the networks JSO has relation with IMS in CTBTO. Jordan has signed and ratified the CTBTO treaty and is now having the Tel-ALASFAR, auxiliary seismic station, first station in Jordan. TEL-AL-ASFAR (AS056) is some 90 km northeast of Amman. Jordan hosted in 1999 the regional workshop on magnitude calibration. Jordan hosted in 2003 the regional Workshop on evaluation and quality control. The NDC Development workshop for Middle East and south Asian was conducted during the period, 27- 30 September 2010. Jordan hosted on 2014 and Integrated Field exercise (IFE14) 3November to 9 December 2014.