Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

E.D. Nugraha1 , S. Syarbaini1 , D. Iskandar1 , E. Pudjadi1

1National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN), Jakarta, Indonesia


Natural radionuclides essentially a lot of in the environment and along with the use of nuclear technology in various fields would increase the concentration of radionuclides in nature that can causing environmental contamination and it is necessary for monitoring radionuclides in the environment. radionuclides particulate monitoring in Indonesia is aimed determining the ambient concentrations of radionuclides and monitoring of radioactive substances in case of contamination either in Indonesia or coming from outside Indonesia such as the impact of Fukushima accident or nuclear experiments from other countries. In Indonesia has installed radionuclides stations in Jakarta 25 Km from G.A Siwabessy Research Nuclear Reactor. Radionuclide particulate stations is complemented by Snow White JL-900 High volume sampler, Ultra Low background HPGe detector with 60% efficiency from ORTEC that follow the standards CTBTO and sampling was conducted two times a week for 24 hours of measurement. for monitoring particulate air radioactivity in other areas such as Bali, pekanbaru and Bogor used SIBATA High volume sampler. the results obtained some radionuclides such as Pb-210, Be-7, Ra-226, Th-232, Cs-137, K-40 with various concentrations.