Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

D.E. Polgár1 , M. Bauer1 , É.Á. Bujdosó1 , R. Csabafi1 , A.C. Kovács1 , Z. Plank1 , G. Szőts1 , E. Hegedűs1

1Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary


Due to subsurface movement along karstic fracture zones a sink hole with a surface diameter of 8 m appeared in the vicinity of a small town in 2001. Later the hole was filled up and the landscape was remediated. In 2016 a geophysical survey was organized in the site in order to monitor the quality of the remediation and observe the possibilities of the investigation of buried sink holes as an analogy of remediated sites of surface and near-surface nuclear explosions. Two dimensional geoelectric profiling was used to build up the image of the subsurface geological structure, while the vicinity of the former collapsing zone was investigated with S-wave seismic and 3D geoelectric methods.