Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

N. Mikhailova1

1Institute of Geophysical Research, Almaty, Kazakhstan


The first decade of XXI was noted by running of five new seismic arrays on the territory of Kazakhstan. Its construction and operation is the result of the international cooperation of the IGR with the CTBTO and AFTAC. The arrays contribution into global and regional monitoring is very significant. In the system of international monitoring, Kazakhstan seismic arrays are among the most efficient in the world. These arrays have recorded five nuclear tests, detect and process events all over the world, its operative data are used by different International Data Centers. For the regional seismology there are three main fields of effective application of the array data: 1- seismic monitoring of earthquakes and industrial blasts at the whole territory of Kazakhstan including the regions that were earlier considered as aseismic; 2 – identification of new types of seismic sources (natural and technogenous) and its parametrization; 3 – scientific investigations on detailed analysis of the wave structure of earthquake records to obtain new data on forming of "distant" coda of Lg-waves. In all fields the important scientific results were obtained in cooperation with colleagues from other countries (Norway, USA, France).