via videoconferencing, VIC
  27 Sep 2021 - 01 Oct 2021



To strengthen the capacity of the States Signatories’ participation in the verification regime and to enhance their use of PTS data and products for civil and scientific applications using SeisComP3.

Participants Profile:

  • The training is only open to CTBT States Signatories belonging to Africa and Eastern Europe (EE) regions;
  • Technical staff/authorized users involved or to be involved in the use of IMS data and IDC products;
  • NDC staff are the main target group;
  • Experience in waveform data analysis; and
  • Experience with UNIX/Linux operating system and SQL would also be beneficial.

Further details:

Language: English
Application Deadline: 22 Aug 2021 23:59 GMT


The duration of online sessions is 5 hours a day, the scheduled period of time is 07:00-12:00 UTC

Technical Requirements for arrangements of participant's workplace

  • Speed of Internet connection not less than 10 Mbps.
  • Computer to be used during the online training course:
    • Desktop with two connected monitors or laptop with one external monitor;
    • CPU ≥ 4 cores, RAM ≥ 8GB;
    • Virtualization Technology (VT-x) is supported by hardware and enabled;
    • Windows Operating system is preferable.
  • Headset for high-quality audio and web camera.


  • Key features of SeisComP3;
  • Demonstration of a real SeisComP3 system;
  • Importing station information;
  • Station configuration including basic data acquisition: SeisComP3 operation;
  • Basic introduction into GUIs (scrttv, scmv, scesv);
  • Self-exercise: Repeat with new or own network;
  • GUI operation;
  • Practical training: picking, artificial origins, locating, magnitudes, focal mechanisms;
  • Nms2proc;
  • Practical on GUI operation;
  • Tuning for local earthquakes;
  • Practical on learned topics;
  • Overview over CTBTO modules;
  • Data management modules;
  • SeisComP3 trouble shooting, logging, debugging;
  • Examination.

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