Online, VIC
  18 Oct 2021 - 22 Oct 2021


Special Studies provide in-depth, technical reviews by expert analysis of data from the International Monitoring System (IMS) to improve the estimated values for the standard signal and event parameters resulting in an Updated Radionuclide Report (URR).

The purpose of the Expert Technical Analysis (ETA) of IMS data and other relevant data provided by the requesting State Party is to assist the State Party concerned to identify the source of specific events. The output is the State Requested Methods Report (SRMR).

URR and SRMR need to be seen in the context of the standard products they are building on, specifically the Standard Screened Radionuclide Event Bulletin (SSREB). Beyond its current implementation it may contain among others the use of atmospheric transport modelling results to combine field of regard information from all radionuclide samples sharing a possible common source region related to a single event. If available, information derived from isotopic ratios is included and may be used to confine the field of regard. The National Screened Radionuclide Event Bulletin (NSREB) was introduced and needs to be developed.

The objectives of this technical expert meeting are:

  • Review methods that may be suited for Special Studies and ETA;
  • Discuss the possible content of the SSREB, NSREB, URR and SRMR;
  • Explore the potential use of various non-IMS data for SRMR;
  • Advance common understanding of procedures and methods to be developed for the SSREB, URR, SRMR and NDC responsibilities.

    Meeting participants are welcome to contribute to the technical meeting by making a brief presentation related to one of the Agenda topics.

  • Further details:

    Language: English
    Application Deadline: 24 Sep 2021 00:00 GMT
    Abstract Submission Deadline: 24 Sep 2021 00:00 GMT

    The duration of online sessions is 3 hours a day, the scheduled period of time is 13:00-16:00 UTC

  • The meeting room will be opened 30 mins prior to the start time.

  • Summary of the second expert meeting on Special Studies and ETA with RN and ATM methods;
  • Explore procedures of an ETA;
  • Explore possible content of requests for ETA based on scenarios in form of a table top exercise (TTE).
  • Proposals for potential radionuclide and ATM methods for Special Studies and ETA;
  • Content of IDC products SSREB, NSREB, URR and SRMR;
  • Possible use and integration of non-IMS data;
  • Expert radionuclide analysis methods like summation of spectra of samples that appear to be related to the same event;
  • Potential role of CTBT radionuclide laboratories;
  • ATM methods to locate the source for single or multiple samples;
  • Characterization of the atmospheric isotope background based on known man-made sources;
  • Event time estimation from isotopic ratios;
  • Source characterization with isotopic ratios;
  • Fusion between radionuclide and SHI events;
  • Conclusions of the technical meeting in view of methods still to be developed for direct implementation in the SSREB & NSREB and for possible application in Special Studies and ETA.
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