Vienna, VIC
  26 Jun 2023 - 27 Jun 2023


This meeting allows state signatories to learn about software development efforts at the IDC. Several efforts are ongoing to improve the software in use at the IDC, and NDC software shared with state signatories via NDC-in-a-Box. The PTS is currently in Phase 3 of the IDC SHI Reengineering program, which includes a large-scale effort to improve the SHI processing system, SOH, and the Analyst Interface. The PTS will modernize the software infrastructure to make the system easier to maintain, and easier to upgrade.  The goal is a modern, maintainable, flexible, pipeline processing system. Progress is ongoing, and many states have participated in the Alpha Testers Group for Reengineering.  In addition, many other software development efforts are also ongoing to improve IDC product distribution, NIAB, routine data processing, and processing for Expert Technical Analysis.  This meeting allows experts to discuss such software updates in depth, and give review and feedback.

Participants Profile:  

Experts responsible for software development for waveform monitoring at National Data Centres.
Experts involved in software development for environmental monitoring applications, particularly in waveform methods, including signal processing, user interfaces, and database systems. 
Participants should have in-depth knowledge of at least one aspect of SHI data processing at the IDC.

Further details:

Language: English
Application Deadline: 20 Mar 2023 00:00 GMT
Funding Application Deadline: 20 Mar 2023 00:00 GMT
Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 Mar 2023 00:00 GMT

Financial Information

Applicable to PTS-funded participants only:

In accordance with the Staff regulations and rules and Administrative Directives, the PTS will provide the candidates with daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and financial support to cover the travel costs.

  • The DSA will be sufficient to cover related expenses during the Workshop and Training program.
  • The PTS travel agent will reserve, issue and send the tickets to the participants for the most direct and economical route.
  • Funded participants are not allowed to purchase their own tickets unless, under exceptional circumstances, they are authorized to do so and only if this proves to be more cost effective option for the PTS; and
  • Health insurance will be provided for the duration of the Workshop and Training.
  • Requirement: Scanned passport copies.

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