Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  16 Oct 2023 - 20 Oct 2023


Objectives for both Expert Meetings are: 

  • Refine the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for executing SS and ETA, and their associated templates, documents, and its list of (scientific) methods;
  • Discuss advances and introduce new approaches to scientific methods (for the respective technologies) which would be used during ETAs;
  • Provide an update on IDC preparations to be ready to execute SS and ETA;
  • Discuss the possible content of the reports, e.g., UEB/URR and SRMR reports;
  • Explore the possible use of various non-IMS data for SRMR;
  • Discuss Data Fusion options between RN and SHI events;
  • Advance the common understanding of the defined procedures.

    Participants Profile:

    • Experts from NDCs and research establishments involved in testing, applying, and developing waveform, radionuclide, or ATM methods that may be suitable for inclusion into the IDC automatic processing pipelines or may be applicable to Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis.
  • Further details:

    Language: English
    Application Deadline: 21 Jul 2023 23:59 GMT
    Funding Application Deadline: 21 Jul 2023 23:59 GMT
    Abstract Submission Deadline: 21 Jul 2023 23:59 GMT

    Financial Information

    Applicable to PTS-funded participants only:

    For participants receiving funding from the Commission, please note that following the Staff Rules and Regulations and Administrative Directives, the PTS will provide the following:

  • A Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) that is sufficient to cover related expenses during the workshop;
  • The PTS travel agent will reserve, issue and send the tickets to the participants for the most direct and economical route.
  • Funded participants are not allowed to purchase their own tickets unless, under exceptional circumstances, they are authorized to do so and only if this proves to be more cost-effective option for the PTS;
  • Information on hotel booking and method of covering expenses will be sent to participants after the registration/application deadline.
  • Health insurance will be provided for the duration of the Meetings, including transportation time.
  • Requirement: Scanned passport copies.


    Daejeon, Republic of Korea


    • To be determined. The focus will be on Special Studies and Expert Technical Analysis - developing and reviewing procedures, methods, guidelines on the use of data, and the content of the radionuclide (URR, SSREB, NSREB) and waveform products (UEB, SSEB, and the ETA-SHI software suite) as well as the shared product SRMR.

    Additional specific objectives for the Expert Meeting on SS and ETA with Waveform Methods:

    • Advancing and reviewing the ETA-SHI software suite;
    • Develop or refine the possible content of the UEB, SSEB, NSEB, and SRMR.

    Additional specific objectives for the Expert Meeting on SS and ETA with Radionuclides (RN) and Atmospheric Transport Model (ATM) Methods:

    • Discuss ATM methods to locate the source region for single or multiple samples;
    • Characterise the atmospheric isotope background based on known man-made sources;
    • Advancing and reviewing the ETA-RN software suite
    • Develop or refine the possible content of the URR, SSREB, NSREB, and SRMR.

    Meeting participants are welcome to contribute to the Technical Meetings by making a brief presentation related to one of the objective’s topics in their related field.

    Application Procedure

    Applicants are requested to visit our website ctnw.ctbto.org and apply online latest by 14 July 2023. The same deadline applies to abstract submission if you wish to make a presentation. Abstracts will be considered for oral presentations.

    Financial support may be available for a limited number of participants. Such assistance must be requested at the time of registration (by selecting the relevant box during online registration) and no later than 14 July 2023. Participants requesting financial assistance have to submit an abstract of their suggested presentation relevant to a topic of the meeting. States Signatories wishing to nominate experts are requested to inform the Provisional Technical Secretariat (See Point of Contact) through their respective Permanent Mission.

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