Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
CTBTO Youth Group Orientation Session
T3.3 Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery and Data Acquisition Platforms Chair: Y. Kaneda, W.R. Bell
T2.2 Characterization of Events Through On-Site Inspection Chair: J.R. WALKER, G. MALICH, J.J. Zucca
T3.3-O1 Remote Sensing Radar Interferometry and Precise Localization of the North Korean Nuclear Explosions G. Hartmann, M. Frei, I. Grünberg
T2.2-O1 A Method for Applying Measurement Restrictions to a High-Purity Germanium Detector Within the Framework of On-Site Inspections O. Aviv
T3.3-O2 Satellite-borne Video Processing and Reporting Techniques for Imagery Analysis J. Rutkowski, P. d'Angelo, I. Niemeyer
T2.2-O2 About Gas Fluxes in the Subsurface and Sampling: From Science to Technology E. Pili, S. Guillon, P.M. Adler
Poster Preview Session
T2.2-O3 Characterization of Events Through On-Site Inspection N. de Silva
T3.6 Fusion of Data from Different Monitoring Technologies Chair: P. Bourgouin, A. Ringbom
T3.6-O1 Atmospheric Transport Modelling and Radionuclide Analysis for the NPE 2015 Scenario J.O. Ross, A. Bollhöfer, V. Heidmann, R. Krais, C. Schlosser, N. Gestermann, L. Ceranna
T3.6-O2 (Y) Investigating Options to Visualize the Technical Data Generated During an OSI J. Stevanovic, J. Palmer
T2.2-O4 Express-Method for Identification of Underground Nuclear Explosion-Induced Radionuclide Seepage Area During On-Site Inspection A. Ustselemov, I. Markov, D. Sagaradze, G. Orlov
Poster Preview Session
T2.2-O5 Gamma-Ray Imaging for Assessing Radiation Source Distributions in On-Site Inspection S. Kreek, M. Burks
T2.5 Historical Data from Nuclear Test Monitoring Chair: N. Mascarenhas, N. Belyashova
T2.5-O1 Extrapolating Radionuclide Observables from the Platte Underground Nuclear Explosive Test B. Milbrath, J. Burnett
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten
  Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
Panel Discussion "Mobile Devices as Geophysical Sensors: Promising Paths and Blind Alleys" Moderator: S. Esterhazy Panelist: S. Myers, P.G. Richards, M. Garces
Panel Discussion "The International Monitoring System: Challenges from Installation Through Certification to Sustainment of this Unique Global Network" Moderator: N. Meral Ozel Panelist: V. Dionicio, N. Friha, M.R.G. Grobbelaar, Z. Mindaoudou Souley, H. Berglund
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitengalerie
  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
Workshop: "Best Practices for Social Media Advocacy"
T2.4 Atmospheric Background of Radioxenon Chair: A. Ringbom, R. Plenteda
T3.4 Geophysical Methods Applied to On-Site Inspection Chair: J.J. Zucca, P. LABAK
T2.4-O1 Identifying Civil Xe-Emissions: From Source to Receptor A. Bollhöfer, P. De Meutter, F. Gubernator, B. Deconninck, C. Schlosser, U. Stöhlker, G. Kirchner, C. Strobl, A. Delcloo, J. Camps
T3.4-O1 Accurate and Efficient Viscoelastic Finite-difference Modelling for Analysis of Seismic Wavefields Applied to On-Site Inspection P. Moczo, J. Kristek, M. Kristekova
T2.4-O2 PNNL-4: Source Term Analysis of Xenon (STAX) – Exploring Methods for Understanding Radioxenon Civilian Source Terms J. Friese, L. Metz, C. Doll, T. Bowyer
T3.4-O2 (Y) Exciting Cavities: Understanding the Seismic Wave Propagation Inside and Around an Underground Cavity S. Esterhazy, F.M. Schneider, I. Perugia, G. Bokelmann
T2.4-O3 Seasonal Variability of Xe-133 Atmospheric Background: Characterization and Implications for the International Monitoring System of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty S. Generoso, P. Achim, M. Morin, P. Gross, G. Le Petit
T3.4-O3 (Y) New Insights into the Dead Sea Transform Fault Seismicity Gained from the IFE2014 Seismological Recordings M. Kriegerowski, N. Gestermann, L. Passarelli, A. Mohsen, T. Dahm, M. Weber
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
T2.3 Seismoacoustic Sources in Theory and Practice Chair: P.G. Richards, R.G. Pearce
T3.1 Design of Sensor Systems and Advanced Sensor Technologies Chair: R.T. Sagarzazu, J. Marty, Y. Starovoyt
Poster Preview Session
T3.1-O6 Strategies for Recording the Full Seismic Wavefield R. Woodward, C. Langston, J. Sweet, K. Anderson
T3.1-O2 New Optical Microbarometer S. Olivier, N. Olivier, A. Hue, S. Le Mallet
Poster Preview Session
  Festsaal Wintergarten Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten Rittersaal
Poster Session: T2.2, T2.3, T2.5, T3.3, T3.4, T3.6
Poster Session: T2.4
CTBTO Youth Group Mentoring Session