Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

  Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten
  Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
High Level Opening of the CTBT: Science and Technology 2017 Conference Moderator: S. Shantyaei
Live Stream of High Level Opening from the Zeremoniensaal
Panel Discussion: "Seizing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges: The CTBT's Relevance in a Dynamic Global Context" Moderator: S. Shantyaei Panelist: S. Richards, G. Berdennikov, J.L. Cancela Gomez, W. Potter
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitengalerie
  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
T1.5 Civil, Scientific and Industrial Applications of IMS Data and IDC Products Chair: A. T. Ismail-Zade, E. Tomuta
T2.1 Treaty-Relevant Events Chair: P.G. Richards, R. Le Bras
T3.1 Design of Sensor Systems and Advanced Sensor Technologies (cont.) Chair: R.T. Sagarzazu, Y. Starovoyt, J. Marty
T1.5-O2 ASHE V4R4: Acoustic Surveillance of Hazardous Volcanic Eruptions in Asia M. Garces, B. Taisne, T. Murayama, E. Blanc, J. Vergoz, A. Tupper, P. Mialle, M. Ngemaes, F. Shaw
T2.1-O1 Accurate Depth Determination and Source Characteristics of the DPRK Nuclear Tests (2006, 2009, 2013, 2016J (01/06/2016) and 2016S (09/09/2016)) Using Regional and Teleseismic Arrays S.G. Kim, Y. Gitterman, S. Lee, V. Vavryčuk
T3.1-O3 Performance of Multi-Parameter Borehole Instrumentation System (Marsite) C. Guralp, O. Ozel, S. Tunc
T1.5-O3 Development of Seismic Hazard Maps for Georgia N. Tsereteli, A. Askan, O. Varazanashvili, V. Alania, N. Kvavadze
T2.1-O3 (Y) Constraining the Explosive Nature of the DPRK Nuclear Events at Regional Scale Using Moment Tensor Inversions and MSVMAX A. Guilhem Trilla, Y. Cano
T3.1-O5 (Y) SPALAX-New Generation: Deployment, Operation and Performances S. Topin, G. Le Petit, J. Piwowarczyk, T. Philippe, A. Cagniant, O. Delaune, P. Gross, G. Douysset, C. Moulin
T1.5-O4 Quantification of Future Earthquake Hazard and Risk in Hindukush-Pamir Himalaya Using IMS Network Data D. Shanker, M. Singh, S. Mohamed ALI
T2.1-O5 Detection and Discrimination of Small Earthquakes and Explosions around North Korean Nuclear Test Site E. Jo, Y. Roo, W. Kim
T3.1-O7 The SAUNA III Project A. Ringbom, M. Aldener, A. Axelsson, T. Fritioff, J. Kastlander, A. Mörtsell, H. Olsson
T1.5-O1 Acoustic Monitoring: Finding New Populations of the Endangered Blue Whale T. Rogers, J. Tripovich, G. Truong, N. Balcazar
T1.5-O6 Worldwide Seasonal Variation of Be-7 Related to Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics L. Terzi, M. Kalinowski, M. Schoeppner
T2.1-O6 Estimation of NK09 and NK13 Source Time Functions and Yields Directly from Seismograms A. Ziolkowski
T3.1-O4 SCoTSS Gamma Imager for CTBT On-Site Inspection P. Saull, L. Sinclair, A. MacLeod, J. Hovgaard, B. Krupskyy, P. Drouin, A. McCann, H. Seywerd, D. Waller, L. Erhardt
T1.5-O5 (Y) Using Social Media to Aid in the Refinement and Understanding of Seismic and Acoustic Ground Truth Information J. Hertzog, R. Brogan, S. Nava, J. Etrick
T2.1-O10 (Y) Seismo-Acoustic Analyses of the DPRK Underground Nuclear Tests for the Estimation of Source Depth J. Assink, G. Averbuch, P. Smets, L. Evers
T3.1-O1 New Gamma Viewfinder Concept P.C. Florido, E.L. Nassif, M. Marchioni, A.E. De María
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
  Festsaal Wintergarten Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal
Poster Session: T1.5, T3.1
Poster Session: T2.1
Workshop: "Effective Communication Skills"
Radionuclide Analysis Demonstration