Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
T4.1 Performance Optimization and Systems Engineering Chair: E.D. Ndubi, T. Ahern, D. Jepsen
T3.5 Data Processing and Interpretation (cont.) Chair: G. Rambolamanana, G. Graham
T1.1 Infrasound and Atmospheric Dynamics (cont.) Chair: E. Blanc, P. Mialle
T4.1-O1 A Different Approach to Data Availability: It's More Than Just a Performance Metric! S. Poindexter, R. Martin, R. Pena
T3.5-O1 (Y) An Approach to Radionuclide Time Series Reconstruction Based on Autoregressive Analysis G. Benito Diaz, J. Blázquez, J.C. Sáez, J. Quiñones
T1.1-O2 Civilian Application of the Infrasound IMS Data: Study of the Temperature and Wind Velocity Vertical Profiles in the Atmosphere S. Kulichkov, I. Chunchuzov, O. Popov, E. Golikova, P. Mialle, E. Blanc, A. Le Pichon, L. Evers, L. Ceranna
T4.1-O4 Creating a 'Digital Twin' for Use in System Design and Support J. Sharp
T3.5-O6 (Y) Optimizing the Chances for Detecting Nuclear Test Signatures of Prompt and Early Releases Using Radioxenon Isotopic Ratios E. Gordon, M. Kalinowski, H. Gheddou, J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec, B. Liu, M. Schoeppner
T1.1-O1 Bayesian Calibration of Ground-Truth Events from Stochastic Models C. Millet, M. Bertin, J. Vergoz, P. Mialle
T4.1-O7 The Waveform Data Processing System Establishment Based on the Private Cloud platform X. Wang, J. Li, J. Shang, W. Tang, Z. Liu, J. Liu, B. Zhang, H. Qiu, G. Zhu, J. Wang, Y. Wang, C. Xu
T3.5-O4 Integrating OSI Data into an Interactive 3D Environment to Aid Inspection Activities J. Palmer, J. Stevanovic
T1.1-O3 Evaluating Analysis and Forecast Uncertainty M. Rodwell
T4.1-O5 Near Real Time Data Dissemination and Warehousing Protocol S.M.A. Shah
T4.1-O3 Cost Reduction in Operation and Maintenance of IMS Stations (IS32 and PS24) J.O. Akech
T3.5-O3 (Y) Initial Evaluations of Signal-Based Bayesian Seismic Monitoring (SIGVISA) D. Moore, M. Stephen, M. Kevin, R. Stuart
T4.1-O6 Quality Assurance of Ground Motion Data Using the IRIS MUSTANG Analytics System T. Ahern, R. Casey, J. Callahan, G. Sharer, L. Keyson, M. Templeton
T3.5-O5 New Metrics Developed for Our Complex Cepstrum Depth Program I. Tibuleac, J. Pascual-Amadeo, R. Kemerait, J. Hertzog, M. Thursby
T1.1-O7 Uncertainties in Atmospheric Dynamics and Infrasound Monitoring E. Blanc, A. Le Pichon, A. Hauchecorne, A. Charlton-Perez, P. Smets, D. Tailpied
T4.1-O2 Assessing the Consistency, Quality and Completeness of the Reviewed Event Bulletin with Waveform Cross Correlation I. Kitov, M. Rozhkov
T3.5-O11 Toward a Joint Array and Polarization Processing from IMS 3-Component Stations and Arrays: Seismic Wavefield Polarization and Its Spatial Coherency C. Labonne, O. Sèbe, S. Gaffet, F. Schindele
Poster Preview Session
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten
  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
CTBTO Youth Group Workshop "CTBT and South Asia: Analyzing and Engaging the Public"
Panel Discussion "Processing and Analysis of Seismic Aftershock Sequences: Protecting Operational Performance in the IDC" Moderator: J.J. Zucca Panelist: M. Slinkard, T. Kværna, P.G. Richards
Panel Discussion "Uncertainty Measurement in Atmospheric Transport Modelling and Atmospheric Dynamics" Moderator: J. Marty Panelist: J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec, P. Seibert, E. Blanc, C. Maurer, M. Rodwell
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitengalerie
  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
T5.1 Science in Support of Global Policy Decisions Chair: C. Timperley, G. Haquin Gerade
T3.5 Data Processing and Interpretation (cont.) Chair: G. Rambolamanana, G. Graham
T3.2 Laboratories Including Mobile and Field-Based Facilities Chair: Y. Kaneda, X. Blanchard
T5.1-O1 Bringing Scientific Insights into Disarmament Policy: Science Advice at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons J. Forman
T3.5-O9 Strategies for Coping with Large Aftershock Sequences T. Kværna, S.J. Gibbons
T3.2-O2 Mobile Sampling and Measuring Complex "SLARS" S. Pakhomov
T5.1-O2 Comparative Roles of Global Verification and On-Site Verification N. de Silva
T3.5-O10 The Selection and Preparation of Waveform Templates for Cross-Correlation Detection of Seismic Events S. Sergeev, I. Kitov, K. Sergeev
T3.2-O1 Mobile Laboratory for Noble Gases Analysis in Atmospheric Air Y. Dubasov, V. Golubev, A. Kamentsev, S. Pakhomov
T3.5-O7 Seismic Event Bulletin Construction for a Global Sparse Network Using Waveform Correlation S. Ballard, A. Gonzales, A. Encarnacao, C.J. Young, R. Tibi, R. Brogan
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
T1.2 Solid Earth Structure Chair: A. T. Ismail-Zade, N. Meral Ozel
T1.3 Atmospheric and Subsurface Radionuclide Dispersion and Depletion Chair: G. Sjoden, J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec, B. Liu
T1.2-O1 Developing and Validating Path-Dependent Uncertainty Estimates for Use with the Regional Seismic Travel Time (RSTT) Model M. Begnaud, D. Anderson, W.S. Phillips, S. Myers, S. Ballard
T1.3-O1 2nd ATM Challenge 2016 C. Maurer, M. Kalinowski, J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec, J. Baré, T. Bowyer
T1.2-O2 Estimate of the Lithospheric Structure in the Northwest South America from Receiver Functions Analysis C.A. Vargas, G. Monsalve, F. Blanco, E. Poveda
T1.3-O8 The Use of Argon-37 Measurements as a Coincident Signature with Radioxenon and in High Background Environments in the International Monitoring System T. Bowyer
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
  Festsaal Rittersaal Wintergarten Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
Poster Session: T1.2, T3.2, T4.1, T5.1
Workshop: "Writing for Media Outlets/Op-eds and Letters to the Editor"
Poster Session: T1.3
Waveform Analysis Demonstration
INGE Meeting, Including Initial Discussion on Si-PIN Detectors