Vienna, Austria
  26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
T5.4 Capacity Building, Education and Public Awareness Chair: T. Ahern, M. VILLAGRAN-HERRERA
T2.1 Treaty-Relevant Events (cont.) Chair: P.G. Richards, R. Le Bras
T1.4 Hydroacustics and Physical Properties of the Oceans Chair: G. Haralabus, P.L. Nielsen
T5.4-O1 A Novel Framework for Expanding NDC Capacity Building M. Moutinho Silva, U.H. Mitterbauer, N.P. Titus
T2.1-O8 Relative Energy and Aperture Estimation of the Five Explosions in North Korea Z. Zheng
T1.4-O6 Real Time Monitoring Data Application and Simulation Researches for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Y. Kaneda, N. Takahashi, T. Hori
T5.4-O2 (Y) ARN's Experience in Operating and Maintaining RN01 and RN03 Towards the Installation of RN02 N. Ferro, A. Pantín
T2.1-O9 Secondary Seismic Sources of North Korean Nuclear Tests and Its Meaning for Event Identification P. Jin, H. Xu, H. Wang, C. Pan, X. Xu
T5.4-O3 Creating Synergy Between IMS Data and Local Data: Verification, Detection Threshold and Local Applications T.B. Larsen, P.H. Voss, T. Dahl-Jensen
T2.1-O11 Source Array Analysis for Accurate Relative Event Location at the North Korea Nuclear Test Site S.J. Gibbons, T. Kværna, S.P. Näsholm, S. Mykkeltveit
T1.4-O4 SMART Cables Sensing the Pulse of the Planet B.M. Howe
T5.4-O4 Developing a Massive Online Open Course on Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control A. Sens, M. Yedlin
T5.4-O5 Regional Seismic Travel Time Evaluation, Training and Outreach S. Myers, M. Begnaud, S. Ballard, A.C. Aguiar Moya, I. Bondar, R. LaBras
T2.1-O2 Analyses of Regional Seismic and Infrasound Data from Five North Korean Nuclear Explosions J. Park, I. Che, C. Hayward, B. Stump
T1.4-O1 Acoustic Characteristics of the Fram Strait H. Sagen, P.F. Worcester, M. Dzieciuch, B.D. Dushaw, E. Storheim, F. Geyer
T5.4-O6 The CTBT and the Ban Treaty E. Ifft
T2.1-O4 CTBTO Response to an Underwater or Surface Test in International Waters G. Moore
T1.4-O2 (Y) Directional Information from Signals Undergoing Hydroacoustic Blockage D. Dall'Osto
T5.4-O7 Trends in Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research and Development M. Maceira, D. Anderson, S. Arrowsmith, M. Begnaud, P. Blom, L. Casey, G. Euler, S. Ford, M. Foxe, J. MacCarthy, O. Marcillo, J. Merchant, S. Myers, G. Orris, M. Pasyanos, W.S. Phillips, M. Slinkard, R. Whitaker, X.D. Yang
T2.1-O7 Potential Detection of Low-Level Aerosol Isotopes from New Civilian Nuclear Processes H. Miley, J. Lowrey, J. Burnett, M. Foxe, M. Mayer
T1.4-O5 (Y) Studying Submarine Volcanic Activity Using IMS Hydrophone Data: Detection and Implications for Ocean Noise D. Metz, A.B. Watts, I. Grevemeyer, M. Rodgers
Poster Preview Session
T1.4-O3 Modular Design Architecture of DONET Sea-Floor Observatory Network Y. Kaneda, K. Kawaguchi
  Geheime Ratstube Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten
Poster Preview Session
  Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal
Panel Discussion "Global Verification Capability: The Five Announced DPRK Nuclear Tests" Moderator: W.R. Bell Panelist: M. CHIAPPINI, O. Necmioglu, A. Ringbom, W. Kim, S.J. Gibbons
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitengalerie
  Rittersaal Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten, Marmorsaal Geheime Ratstube
Panel Discussion: "Training, Education and Public Advocacy for the CTBT: The Role of Advocacy for the CTBT: The Role of Academia in Securing the Treaty's Entry into Force and Universalization" Moderator: W. Potter Panelist: J. van Wyk, D. Kim, S. Shah, A. Sens, M. Yedlin
T3.7 Algorithms Chair: G. Sjoden, A. Gheddou
T1.1 Infrasound and Atmospheric Dynamics Chair: P. Mialle, E. Blanc
T3.7-O1 Enhancements to the CTBTO IDC Radionuclide Processing Pipeline for Particulate Samples Achieving Significant Improvement of Automatic Products H. Gheddou, M. Kalinowski, E. Tomuta
T1.1-O4 IMS Infrasound Network: Status and State-of-the-Art Design J. Marty
T3.7-O2 Lg-Wave Cross Correlation Applied to Detection and Location of Events in High-Seismicity Regions of Mainland East Asia D.P. Schaff, M. Slinkard, A. Sundermier, S. Heck, P.G. Richards, C.J. Young
T1.1-O6 (Y) Methods for Characterizing Meteors from Infrasound Signals C. Haynes, C. Millet
Poster Preview Session
T1.1-O5 Listening to Glacial Infrasound in Northwestern Greenland L. Evers, P. Smets
T3.5 Data Processing and Interpretation Chair: G. Rambolamanana, G. Graham
T3.5-O2 Beryllium and Xenon Time Series Analysis: A New Methodological Approach for Atmospheric Transport Modelling at Small, Synoptic and Global Scales W. Plastino, S. Bianchi, A. Longo
T3.5-O8 Sentry: A Proposed Platform for Analysis of International Monitoring System Radionuclide Data Sets J.J. McIntyre, T. Suckow, M. Keillor, N. Mileson, T. Stavenger
Poster Preview Session
Poster Preview Session
  Festsaal Rittersaal Wintergarten Hofburg Galerie, Seitenhalle, Wintergarten Geheime Ratstube
Poster Session: T1.4, T3.5, T3.7, T5.4
CTBTO Youth Group Panel Discussions: "Nuclear Testing and Use" Moderator: K. Pilutti, A. Malhotra, R. Asghar
Poster Session: T1.1
NDC Session: Cooperation between NDCs Chair: W.R. Bell, M. VILLAGRAN-HERRERA
NDC Session: NPE
  Hofburg Galerie, Seitengalerie